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Our interactive Educational Platform

Our educational platform is a dynamic, interactive resource rooted in real-life experiences designed to address urgent social issues impacting today's youth. It covers critical topics such as County Lines, Knife Crime, Online Encounters, and Unhealthy Relationships. Based on the input of our service users, we plan to expand to more topics, ensuring our content stays relevant and impactful. Through engaging activities, we captivate young minds and encourage profound discussions within a safe learning environment.

Educators can tailor sessions to ensure that content is relevant and impactful, keeping discussions lively and pertinent. Available for 12 months, our platform is more than a tool; it's a long-term educational partner committed to adapting to the evolving needs of youth and providing continuous support in navigating the complexities faced by young people today.

Our Gaming App Platform

Our gaming app platform, "It's On You" (IOY), is revolutionising education through Full Motion Video (FMV) gaming, placing us alongside giants like PlayStation and Netflix Gaming. IOY harnesses FMV to create educational, immersive experiences that are more than just games—interactive journeys that engage, educate, and empower players.


Key Features of IOY FMV Games:

Advanced Integration: IOY games seamlessly integrate with text messages, phone calls, and social media interactions, enhancing realism and immersion.

Exploratory Environments: Players can interact with and explore their surroundings, adding depth to the gaming experience.

Educational and Engaging: Our games merge cinematic storytelling with interactive gameplay, making learning effective and entertaining.

Real-World Impact: IOY games address real-life issues relevant to youth, offering safe, narrative-driven environments for players to make decisions and see the consequences.

Join us in transforming education with IOY's FMV games, available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play. With IOY, education and empowerment are just a game away.

"Lawrence" is an interactive game designed to engage young people through the technology they use daily. The game focuses on Lawrence, a college student and aspiring rapper facing financial challenges. Players are faced with crucial decisions that can lead Lawrence into a life of crime or towards safer alternatives to achieve his goals. Each choice has significant consequences, emphasising the importance of each decision. This mobile- and tablet-centric proof of concept leverages interactive gaming to demonstrate its educational potential, captivating players with a narrative that mirrors real-life dilemmas.

Dive into Lawrence, our first tile on the IOY platform. It is free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play to experience and discover a world where gaming is not just for entertainment but for education and empowerment. It's on us to make a difference, and with IOY, it's on you to take the lead in this transformative journey. Get in touch today!


Recognising that each journey is unique, our products go a step further. With a focus on contextualised safeguarding, we tailor our resources to address individual circumstances.

By relating to personal experiences, we empower young people to make informed decisions, fostering a safer environment.

Real Direction is dedicated to revolutionising education through interactive engagement. Reach out to us to explore our transformative products and learn how we're shaping a generation of informed and responsible young individuals.

Our meticulously designed videos and audios are more than just content – they're interactive experiences. By blending compelling visuals with impactful frontline informed content, we captivate young minds and create memorable learning moments. Interactive elements grab attention, promote understanding, and inspire meaningful action.

At Real Direction, innovation and creativity drive our approach. We don't just present information; we craft experiences that deeply connect with young people. By employing imaginative techniques and relatable narratives, we turn learning about real-life issues into an engaging and thought-provoking journey.

Education and safeguarding shouldn't be confined to the classroom. Our products are designed to be mobile phone compatible, allowing young people to access interactive content whenever and wherever they need it. From the comfort of their homes to the journey beyond, our resources are always accessible.

Our products empower young people to become informed, aware, and responsible individuals. By merging interactive excellence, innovation, and mobile accessibility, we equip them with the tools they need to confidently navigate real-life challenges.

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