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Our educational platform is a dynamic, interactive resource rooted in real-life experiences designed to address urgent social issues impacting today's youth. It covers critical topics such as County Lines, Knife Crime, Online Encounters, and Unhealthy Relationships. Based on the input of our service users, we plan to expand to more topics, ensuring our content stays relevant and impactful. Through engaging activities, we captivate young minds and encourage profound discussions within a safe learning environment. 

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Educators can tailor sessions to ensure content is relevant and impactful, keeping discussions lively and pertinent. Available on a 12-month subscription, our platform is more than a tool; it's a long-term educational partner committed to adapting to young people’s evolving needs and providing continuous support in navigating the complexities faced by young people today.



Proactive Prevention sessions

Real Direction creates curriculum aids focusing on proactive prevention and addressing sensitive topics before they become issues.

High-Quality Video Content

The curriculum includes high-quality video content that captures attention and effectively conveys essential messages.

Facilitates Deep Discussion

These aids initiate and support deep discussions on sensitive topics, making tough conversations more accessible.

Tools for Facilitators

 Equips facilitators with comprehensive tools to engage young people effectively, enhancing the learning experience.

Join us in transforming education with IOY's FMV games, available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play. With IOY, education and empowerment are just a game away.


Experience our cutting-edge platform and elevate education with proactive, tailored solutions. Lead the change and empower the next generation with Real Direction. Contact us today!

Dive into 'Lawrence,' our revolutionary, free-to-download FMV game. Join thousands in transforming their learning. Don’t miss out. 

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