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Our gaming app platform, "It's On You" (IOY), is revolutionising education through Full Motion Video (FMV) gaming, placing us alongside giants like PlayStation and Netflix Gaming. IOY harnesses FMV to create educational, immersive experiences that are more than just games—interactive journeys that engage, educate, and empower players.

Advanced Integration

IOY games seamlessly integrate with text messages, phone calls, and social media interactions, enhancing realism and immersion.

Exploratory Environments

Players can interact with and explore their surroundings, adding depth to the gaming experience.

Educational and Engaging

Our games merge cinematic storytelling with interactive gameplay, making learning effective and entertaining.

Real-World Impact

IOY games address real-life issues relevant to youth, offering safe, narrative-driven environments for players to make decisions and see the consequences.

Join us in transforming education with IOY's FMV games, available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play. With IOY, education and empowerment are just a game away.


"Lawrence" is an interactive game designed to engage young people through the technology they use daily. The game focuses on Lawrence, a college student and aspiring rapper facing financial challenges. Players are faced with crucial decisions that can lead Lawrence into a life of crime or towards safer alternatives to achieve his goals. Each choice has significant consequences, emphasising the importance of each decision. This mobile- and tablet-centric proof of concept leverages interactive gaming to demonstrate its educational potential, captivating players with a narrative that mirrors real-life dilemmas.

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