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Our team is our greatest asset. With over 30 years of combined experience in reaching out to and working with vulnerable youth, our educators and graduates are passionate about making a real difference. Our team's expertise lies in creating relatable, engaging content that speaks directly to young people, offering them the guidance they need to make positive life choices.

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Luke Cato is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of Real Direction, an organisation dedicated to uplifting young individuals. Overcoming personal challenges such as undiagnosed dyslexia, Luke's early aspirations in sports studies shifted as he decided to work directly with disaffected youth.


Drawing on over two decades of experience, he developed unique engagement methods that have profoundly impacted young lives. This shift was sparked by a personal incident, leading him to establish Real Direction to prevent similar experiences for others.


Under his leadership, the organisation has become a beacon of innovation in safeguarding and engaging young people, with Luke's approach blending empathy, creativity, and a deep understanding of youth challenges. As CEO, his journey underscores the power of perseverance and a commitment to societal betterment, continually pioneering new ways to support and engage young individuals.

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Joshua Nugent is a dedicated Director with a 15-plus year track record in education. He started as a PE teacher before focusing on aiding young people with special needs. His commitment extends beyond conventional teaching, embodying a passion for safeguarding youth and fostering engaging discussions on pivotal issues. With a leadership style marked by empathy and innovation, Joshua creates resources that promote inclusivity and empowerment. His efforts reflect his professional excellence and deep personal commitment to enhancing the lives and futures of young people.

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Benjamin Nugent, a native of inner-city Birmingham, is a passionate advocate for social welfare. After graduating with honours in construction management, he returned to his community to work with a housing association, supporting vulnerable individuals from diverse backgrounds. With over ten years of experience assisting people struggling with various forms of addiction, Benjamin brings a wealth of expertise to his role. His in-depth knowledge of gaming and immersion enables him to create excellent features for young people to enjoy on Real Direction platforms. As a Project Manager, he effectively disseminates resources to those in need, embodying a spirit of compassion and service.

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Joshua Nugent

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