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Welcome to Real Direction, a leading provider of innovative
and immersive digital educational resources.


Our mission is to empower practitioners to engage with young people on crucial real-life issues that they face dailyWe understand the challenges of addressing sensitive topics, and our digital resources are designed to facilitate open conversations, promote understanding, and inspire positive change.

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Real Direction is transforming ed-tech by merging immersive content with interactive activities, tackling life's tough topics head-on.

We partner with educators and communities to provide ongoing support and address the root causes of challenges facing young people. Our approach includes educational FMV gaming and bespoke services, ensuring a lasting impact. Real Direction is more than an ed-tech company. It's a movement dedicated to making a real difference. Join us and shape a brighter future. Get in touch today.

Meet The Team


Experience our cutting-edge platform and elevate education with proactive, tailored solutions. Lead the change and empower the next generation with Real Direction. Contact us today!

Dive into 'Lawrence,' our revolutionary, free-to-download FMV game. Join thousands in transforming their learning. Don’t miss out. 

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