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Here at REAL, we believe it is important for young people to be educated on the choices they make in their life.

It is imperative for parents and guardians to have the tools and knowledge to equip young people to make informed decisions on these choices throughout their lives. We have created our friendly parents and guardian crime prevention packs so you can spread awareness and learn together to safeguard young people.

Things to think about:


Do you work with young people who are eligible for free school meals?

Do you have any young people on a child protection plan?

Do you have any LAC (Looked After Children)?

Do you have any young people on the “child in need” plan?

Do you work with young people between the ages of 7-21?



10 signs to look out for:

Has the young person become withdrawn from the family and/or school?


Have their school or college reported worrying changes in conduct, academic achievement or attendance?


Has there been a loss of interest in their activities such as sports clubs or hobbies?


Do they stay out unusually late without giving a reason and are unclear about their whereabouts?


Have they refused to see old friends and started socialising with a new group?

Are they secretive and protective about the contents of their bag or pockets?


Do they become defensive if you ask what is in their possession or if they are hiding anything you should know about?


Has their views or opinions changed about carrying knives/weapons?


Have any sharp items gone missing from your kitchen or toolbox?


Have you found a weapon or a sharp object hidden within their possession?

It is important as adults, teachers, professionals and guardians to teach our young people that their choices can have negative personal, legal and emotional consequences".

Luke Cato REAL Founder



10 signs to look out for:

Regularly coming home late, staying out all night or even going missing.


Being found in areas away from home whereby they have no reason being.


Increased drug use, or is found to have large amounts of drugs in their possession.


Being very guarded and secretive about whom they are talking to and places they are going once out of the house.


Unexplained absences from school, college, training or work.

Unexplained large amounts of money, phone(s), clothes or jewellery.


Increasingly disruptive or aggressive and volatile behaviour.


Using drug-related, sexualised or violent language you wouldn’t expect them to know or vocalise.


Coming home with bruises, injuries or looking particularly unkempt.


Having hotel cards, train tickets or keys to unknown places.



Our specially designed crime prevention packs which specifically tackle youth violence are everything you need.


See what some of the individuals and organisations have to say about us.

REAL Ltd. Has a valuable contribution to make to this field, in producing further information (as well as) giving films and supportive materials in order to better safeguard vulnerable young people from harm.

Dave Traxon

Educational Child Psychologist

Working with the founder of Real Direction LTD has been a real pleasure, getting to know him and the journey he has been on, to where he is now, just goes to show how determined and focused he is and I can’t wait to see how far Real Direction LTD will go and look forward to working together again in the future!

Ashley Richards

Sporting Spirit - Education Coordinator

The Real Ltd. resource pack on knife crime was powerful, I enjoyed sitting down with my son and educating him on knife crime awareness. It was very informative and easy to read. I felt like I was doing my bit. Keep up the good work Team Real.

Parent of A Former Student

Brades Lodge School - Sandwell

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