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Welcome to Real Direction, where innovation meets education through interactive audiovisual resources.

Our platforms offer innovative urban and educational content that tackles critical issues affecting young people. We provide two unique experiences: a proactive educational platform and a mobile interactive platform for learning on the go. This approach helps us engage with our audience by using familiar technology, making it more accessible and engaging.


What We Offer


Innovative Digital Resources

Our cutting-edge digital resources engage and educate young people dynamically and interactively.


Real Life

We bridge the gap between theory and reality by drawing from real-life experiences, making the learning experience more impactful.



Our resources empower practitioners with practical tools to engage their audience, foster discussions, and promote critical thinking.


Empowerment for Young People

Our resources are directly accessible to young people, allowing them to explore and learn independently.

At Real Direction, we understand that the challenges faced by today's youth are multifaceted and require comprehensive solutions. 

Our team of experts, creatives, and educators has come together to curate diverse resources that tackle pressing issues head-on.

From the intricacies of knife crime and gang grooming to the harrowing realities of county lines and sexual exploitation, we delve deep into these topics to foster understanding, awareness, and, ultimately, positive change.

Mental health, modern-day slavery, drug abuse, alcoholism—these are not just buzzwords to us. They are crucial subjects that demand open dialogue and informed discussion.


The Platform serves as a safe space for practitioners to access reliable information, engage in meaningful conversations, and take steps towards building a brighter future for our young people and their communities.

What sets Real Direction apart is our commitment to innovation. We've harnessed the power of technology to create interactive experiences that captivate and educate simultaneously. Our audiovisual resources are designed to spark curiosity, encourage critical thinking, and provide practical insights that can make a tangible difference in the lives of young people.


Experience our cutting-edge platform and elevate education with proactive, tailored solutions. Lead the change and empower the next generation with Real Direction. Contact us today!

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